Building Communities. Growing Jobs.

We're picking up where the Civil Rights Movement stopped by addressing Charlotte’s legacy from redlining. We’re building communities like NFL fans built the first Panthers stadium.

And we’re doing it in the city that banking built.


Who is Jobs4CLT?

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Jobs4CLT will be a nonprofit benefit corporation that will bring together the resources to support people who already live in the community. The first two board members, Yvette Ingram and Liz Haigler, are creating and incorporating the nonprofit (“benefit corporation”). Applications are being accepted to serve as a founding member of the Jobs4CLT Board of Directors.

Show me the money.

Jobs4CLT brings combines financial, social, and political capital to meet the needs of neighbors who come together to use this space.

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What about economic development incentives?

My name is Leslie Dwyer and I believe this model is a more effective and efficient way to meet Charlotte’s economic development objectives. The project invests directly the area of the city alluded to in the City's Letter to the Community after Mr. Scott was killed September 20, 2016. The issue is poverty. I presented my proposal for this pilot in my letter to the Mayor and presentation to the City Council at their June 25, 2018 meeting. When Jobs4CLT is incorporated, I am asking to be hired as its Financial Advisor to negotiate with the City and County for economic development incentives on their behalf. 

But I need leverage. If you want this to work:

  • Take the pledge. Commit your voter registration number to this project. It takes signatures of 1.5% of registered voters in the City to run for mayor or at-large on City Council. As of the 2018 Primary there were 715,518 registered voters so assume you need to raise 11,000 voter pledges.
  • Apply to serve on the Board and do the work of listening and making connections for people in the community. Call it your "sweat equity."
  • Raise funds. We'll post a budget shortly. We're starting with rental space to start creating real outcomes now and work out the kinks.

I will submit a formal proposal to Jobs4CLT with the best financing to pursue. As a nonprofit, Jobs4CLT is not put at a competitive disadvantage or open to litigation by openly discussing our work including how it’s financed. By sharing our experience publicly we will help Charlotteans understand the process and incentives we currently use for economic development projects. I have no conflict of interest, am registered Unaffiliated, and have never made a campaign contribution since making Charlotte my home in 1997.

Competition for economic development projects has changed a lot over the last 25 years. When fans brought the Carolina Panthers to Charlotte, city leaders created a cutting-edge economic development partnership. Our NFL fans were given the opportunity to show their commitment to Charlotte’s new team by contributing capital to pay for the stadium’s construction loan. The County contributed the land for the site and the City of Charlotte made the needed infrastructure improvements. This public private partnership was a true innovation for major league stadiums.

Jobs4CLT Public Forum Comments


But the financing is only a part of the Jobs4CLT story. The real story is the work itself.

Because it’s not about us.



— Rev. Angel Kyodo Williams
at Amplify and Activate Summit, December 2017
when asked “So what can we do?”


Get Involved

city council meeting - june 25

Please join us at the Charlotte City Council meeting June 25 to show your support for this project.

Pledge your support.

Add your name to our list of Charlotteans that are behind this project.

Want to join our effort? 

Contact Leslie Dwyer, Jobs4CLT Founder, at